✒ Review ❥ Petit Jarden Kit!


DSC_0031✒ Un Piccolo Giardino all’ombra delle bellezze della nostra italia, tra cui la meravigliosa valle dei Templi di Agrigento cui sono particolarmente legata.
A queste nostrane meraviglie si ispira  Petit Jardin per garantirci Continua a leggere

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✒ Haul ❥ Dior, Biofficina Toscana, Ecco Verde, & altri !

✒ Among birthday gifts and small purchases, I have a lot of new products that I want you to see! Continua a leggere

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✒ Review ❥ A tutto Bio #17… with Bella Naturale & Neve & Bjobj!

✒ Hello to all!
I had long been the mistaken belief that my blog and my YouTube Channel should have separate content not to bore you, but I realized that Continua a leggere
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✒ Glam ❥ Fashion Horoscope with….Zalando & Happy Holidays!

✒ I am always attracted by the novelty and curiosity, and I try to catch at least the most original ones! I’ve always had a healthy frivolous passion for everything related to astrology and I was immediately attracted by the initiative by ZALANDO which combined fashion and horoscope in a fun and original way! With the project called Fashion Horoscope, Continua a leggere

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✒ Review ❥ Let’s go to the Terme di Comano!

✒ Good evening to all!
With this hot weather, the imminence of the summer session of exams and discounts on the website parafarmaciaweb i want to talk about some of the findings of the line Terme di Comano from Trent, Continua a leggere

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