✒ Review ❥ Nails and Colors with… Estrosa!

✒ Hello  Summer and good morning to you!
In this time of year I love to be free: to stand out as much as possible, get out, go to sea without being bound to the nailpolish that takes away all the time!
Months ago I received this fabulous kit for Semi permanent Gel by Estrosa and I dived into a wonderful world that combines the aesthetics and beauty to comfort, because semipermanent nailpolish lasts for more than two weeks! Continua a leggere

✒ New in ❥ Zipz shoes, Mon Amour!

✒ Good morning everyone! Finally Summer came also for me and  like every summer I love colors and glam accessories!
Summer for me is synonymous with change and color, both features also belong to these beautiful sneakers: the Zipz Shoes! Continua a leggere

✒ Review ❥ Sunkissed Hair by Z.one Concept!

✒ Our hair is a jewel and summer brings out the reflections, giving it a little bit of gold! Precisely for this reason we must preserve it with specific products for  summer so that it will not dry out and does not lose texture and color. Continua a leggere